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William Lawton

MM citation


William Lawton MM  my Grandfather.  Was born 29/8/1912 . Married to Sarah Hilditch they had three children Beryl (Malbon -  my mother), Alice Jean (Don) & William.

He joined the army 09/09/1927 with the South Staffordshire Regiment & served in Palestine prior to WWII and spent  WWII in  France during May 1940, he was one of the evacuees from Dunkirk. After a brief stay in the U.K. he then eventually moved on to India from April 1942 to early September 1944 and then Burma until late 1945. During this time he progressed from Private through the ranks to that of Company Sergeant Major. He completed full time military service at the end of January 1946 but remained on reserve until mid 1954. Along with military service/action my Grandfather was awarded campaign and other medals, the most notable was the Military Medal for bravery under fire at Kohima on 22/03/1945.


After the war he returned home to work back at the British Aluminium works in Milton, Stoke on Trent.

 A few years after the death of my great grandfather, William and Sarah moved to Talacre - Nr Prestatyn, North Wales, where he worked for the  local water company. Eventually for health reasons both he and Sarah went on  to enjoy an almost peaceful retirement which was only disturbed when the grandchildren came to stay. For me this usually meant all of the summer break from school, which at that time was 6-7 weeks. For some of the time during the holiday my cousin Richard would also be there which meant we both could enjoy being allowed out to roam the area and listen to some of the stories our grand parents told.



This picture taken during the mid 1960s, outside  their house KOHIMA        

 Spout Lane, Baddeley Edge, Milton, Stoke on Trent.







 Sarah Lawton (nee Hilditch) My Grandmother.

Spent most of her early childhood in the Hanley area of Stoke on Trent. On leaving school/home Sarah went into what was then called 'Service' with one of the local business/society families in Porthill, Newcastle, Staffordshire. 

Once married both Sarah and William lived in a number of places, except during WWII when William was away and Sarah lived in Abbey Hulton.





Sadly all good things come to an end - William died in 1976  after moving to Prestatyn and Sarah some twelve years latter in 1988.         

I miss you both, thank you for some happy times.

They are both buried in Coed Bell Cemetery, Gronant, Nr Prestatyn.